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  • Coal Mining Machine

    Coal Mining Machine

    Coal mining machine is a large set of complex system with mechanical, electrical and hydraulic. The working condition is poor, if any failure occurred during the mining process, it will lead a huge economic losses. Coal mining machine is one of the important equipment to achieve coal production mechanization and modernization. Mechanization coal mining could decrease the manual labor, improve safety, so that increase the production amount, efficiency and reduce the consumption.

  • Excavator


    Excavator is a machine for dug flat underground tunnel. Excavator is divided into open-type excavator and shield excavator. Mainly consists of travel agencies, work agencies, shipping agencies and reprint agencies. With travel agencies move towards, the cutting head in work agencies keep break rocks and take crushed rock away. Safe, efficient and good quality is the advantages, however, large cost, complex structure and wear is also huge.

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